Make a Conscious Effort for Self-Care
Our thoughts and emotions have a profound impact on one another. Thoughts can swirl emotions (PTSD, stressing about a job, family, income, relationship, etc. may cause fear) and also operate as an examination of that emotion. Similarly, how we observe and evaluate our lives affects how we feel; the first step towards healing our past, and/or day-to-day life's crusade is to discover how to stop, breathe, and alter the focus, by meditation and breathing exercises. When we begin to implement this into our daily routines, one can influence personal emotions and alleviate stress levels consciously, while long term benefits of practicing this pattern begins to make up the core foundation of a healthier mind, body, and spirit, subconsciously; breathe, it's the only thing keeping you alive. —S.Üsta
Box breathing
What is box breathing, you ask? Box breathing, also known as square breathing, is a technique used when taking slow, and deep breaths. This technique is also referred to as four-square breathing. Box breathing allows one to focus awareness on the present and it can increase enactment and concentration, while also assisting as an effective anxiety reliever.
Let's try it, but first, Practice your breathing skills
Okay, so Let's do this!
First, and most importantly, find a quiet spot for five minutes of alone time. Then, try to relax and clear your mind from the chatter inside, try to shift your focus on your breath and the number associated with each breath you inhale and exhale. When you are ready, begin, counterclockwise. Inhale, slowly...
Hold your breath, counting down...
Exhale, slowly, and repeat as many times as you need in order to feel relaxed.
Congrats, you just practiced mindful meditation, wasn't that easy?!